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The best Canadian adventure series that appeals to anyone who likes a good adventure story.
The Trapps Family Adventures are a series of books that follow the adventures of the Trapps children through a period of time while their father conducts an archeological dig at an ancient Inuit settlement in the Northwest Territories. The kids are cast into a time when spirits ruled the Inuit world. When, “THE OLD ONE,” takes them under his wing and shows them the secret powers of the shaman, a whole new world is opened to them. They travel on many adventures that are based on the beliefs and customs of the Inuit as they lived in the harshest climate known to man. The trials they endure and the characters they meet during their travels will affect their lives for as long as they live.
The adventures were written as an educational adventure series for the 9 to 14 age group but on publication it was learned that anyone who likes an adventure likes these books. The age of the reader does not determine the enjoyment of the books, rather it is determined by the call of adventure and the drive to learn and explore of the readers mind. A person does not have to be young to enjoy a good adventure story.
The stories and characters are fictitious however there are historical facts in the books that add to the adventures and the lure of the books. They are written in a manner that allows the reader to use his imagination to fully appreciate the stories.
Each book is a stand alone story in itself, however if the reader reads the first two books in the series, ”THE OLD ONE,” and, “THE AMULET,” they will have a better understanding of how and why the kids are able to do the things they can do in the later books.


The Author

Lawrence was born and raised in Alberta, 37 years of his adult like was spent serving in the Canadian Armed Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
The author draws on 10 years of living in the Yukon and the Northwest Territories for the inspiration for the TRAPPS Family Adventure stories.
Retirement finds him again in Alberta where he presently lives with this wife Judith. They have 2 children and 6 grandchildren.

The Illustrator

Rob Adams, son of Lawrence Adams; when he is not working on his father illustrations, can be found creating new ways to solve problems and coaching techniques for his kids various sports teams.
Rob spent the the better part of the last 12 years in the video game industry, juggling roles of a producer and game designer in Calgary, Alberta.
Rob has had first hand experience of living and visiting many of the places described in the TRAPPS Family Adventure Books.


Irricana author wins book award
by, Liz Lindgren-Kubitz  Rocky View Weekly Tuesday, June 03, 2008

An Irricana author won a silver award for his first novel titled The Old One, an adventure story that takes place in Canada’s frozen North, the first in a series called The Trapps Family Adventures.
Lawrence Adams received recognition for his work at the 12th annual Independent Book Publisher Awards last week, in the best regional fiction category for Canada west. The author used his experience with Inuit culture for the award winning book and will continue this theme to create an entire series.
“The regional awards were designed to spotlight the best regional titles from around North America,” said Jim Barnes, the awards director. “Over 600 entries were received from across the U.S. and Canada. Books were judged alongside books for and about their regions only, based on their quality and regional significance.”
The author plans to publish 13 titles in the series. Three of the chapter books have already been published, including The Old One, The Amulet and The Stolen Soul. The stories are illustrated by the author’s son, Rob Adams, who created the book-covers and illustrations for some of the inside pages.
Lawrence was inspired to write The Old One because of Rob, who originally had the idea of creating an educational computer game.
“I needed a concept that I could build that around,” said Rob.
Lawrence immediately had an idea for the game concept and was willing to begin writing the adventures for his son.
“He inspired me to write the first novel,” said Lawrence, who dedicated the first book to Rob, “Without his help, these books would never have been written.”
Lawrence Adams was born and raised in Alberta and served in the Canadian Armed Forces and the RCMP for 37 years. He lived in the Yukon and Northwest Territories for ten years and draws upon experiences from the northern tundra and native Inuit culture for his books.
“It was a different way of life that’s for sure,” said Lawrence. “I loved the north.”
He was amazed at how the natives learned to adapt in winter temperatures of minus 40C to minus 50C, by hunting caribou and fox for survival, at a time when they had no support.
“It amazed me how the individual Inuit groups could survive in such a harsh climate,” said Lawrence. “They didn’t waste anything – that’s how they could survive.”
Lawrence has enjoyed the opportunity to write regional fiction from home in Irricana since he retired. He and his wife Judith have two children and six grandchildren.
“This is the first time I’ve written,” said Lawrence, apart from a couple of sports columns written for the school newspaper years ago.
Rob Adams was trained in visual communications at the Alberta College of Art. When he’s not working on his father’s illustrations, he works in the video gaming industry as a producer and game designer in Calgary. Rob has first-hand experience living up north as a young child and visiting many places described in the Trapps Family Adventure books.
“I remember we had lots of powdered milk,” jokes Rob.
The first three books in The Trapps Family Adventures are available through the Marigold Library System and through book stores in Airdrie, Cochrane, Calgary and Edmonton and several other communities.
“The chapter books are each 50 to 80 pages in length,” said Lawrence. The books are originally geared for the nine to 14-year-old age groups, but they’re enjoyed by people from eight to 100.
“I didn’t think the adults would take to them, but we’ve had no complaints,” he said.
The Rocky View School Division is currently considering the series as a possibly addition to school libraries.
“This book is an adventure filled story that would appeal to any student who loves action, history and tales of the North,, said Heather John, First Nations, Metis and Inuit program coordinator at the school division. “ It is written for an average reader and ties in well with the Grade 5 Curriculum.”


“This book is an adventure filled story that would appeal to any student who loves action, history and tales of the North. It is written for an average reader and ties in well with the Grade 5 curriculum.”
Heather John, FNMI (First Nation, Meti, Inuit), Program Coordinator, Rocky View School Division


Book Review
Glenda Borson  Five Village Weekly, October 2007

The Old One

The saga of Harry Potter might be finished but a new series of books is about to capture young imaginations.
The Old One, first in a children’s adventure series, follows the three Trapps children as they embark on a wonderful experience in the frozen north.
The adventure begins when the families father, Max Trapp is chosen to lead an archaeological dig at an ancient Inuit settlement near Rankin Inlet.
Children Amy, Ty and Parker, used to a comfortable life in Calgary, Alberta are tossed into a cold, mysterious world where ancient customs are still the norm and the children become drawn into the ancient mystical ways of the Inuit. They become friends with an old shaman whose communication with them transcends traditional language.
At the conclusion of his first encounter with the children, the shaman warns, “We will have many more meetings in the time to come. Mark my words, and learn what you can, for it will stand you in good stead when the time is right. You will have many adventures and you must be prepared.”
With the shaman, the children discovered they too, possess special powers. They are amazed to discover the shaman has the ability to fly.
Could he teach them also, to fly?
A fascinating world they never dreamed possible opens up for the children and they embark on the adventure of their lives.
The Old One is the first in a series of 13Trapps Family Adventures.
In creating the saga, Author Lawrence Adams draws from his experience as a Mountie who spent 10 years in the Yukon and Northwest Territories as well as from his experience as a parent and grandparent.
Lawrence’s son, Robert, also of Irricana brings the story to life with his illustrations. It is this son to whom the author gives credit for the original inspiration to write the book.